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Principal Dancer & Choreographer


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Nicolas is a professional dancer from Vincennes France, trained in all disciplines of dance. He trained and performed between France, the United States and overseas from the age of 11. At the age of 18, he received his Scientific High School Diploma (Baccalaureat) at the prestigious Racine high school with half-time classes intended for students following high-level artistic education, and is a graduate of the Arts En Mouvements Pre-Professional program. During his time at Arts En Mouvements, he worked many years with many distinguished faculty including Candice Alekan (winner of many gold medals), Locking Pioneer  Lady Del (winner of the Euro-Pro-Am in San Fransisco) among others. Nicolas had private classes with the prestigious Tap faculty Victor Cuno in his school SwingTap in Paris. 

He perfected his training and performance skills at world renowned The Ailey School (part of the multi award winning and historic Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre) in New York City, where he studied under the direction of Freddie Moore where he had the opportunity to dance the solo choreography Hidden Rites, and masterpiece Revelation by legendary founder Alvin Ailey at the Ailey Citi Group Theater, and highly respected Darrell Moultrie (Princess Grace Choreography Fellowship) in On A Clear Day. At The Ailey School Nicolas had the opportunity to participate in the ASAP Mentoring Program created by Matthew Rushing (Associate Artistic Director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater).

Nicolas has been privileged to work on stage, and on film as well as collaborating with other art fields. In New York City, he danced alongside the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater prodigious piece Revelation, in the prestigious City Center, represented Ailey School in the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, and performed in various or venues and festivals including The Hudson Valley Dance Festival, Winter Follies Festival, Fertile Ground, Sony Music Hall, Hudson Guild Theater, Dance On The Lawn Festival, Union City PAC, Arts on Site, and The Craft. He has interpreted, in Paris, the character of Gene Kelly (Multi-Oscar Award winner) in the Musical Singing In The Rain, inspired by the Oscar winning movie, and The Good in The Musical The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (interpreting the multi-awarded actor Clint Eastwood). Nicolas also received multiple FFD Awards, including Best Male Jazz Dancer) and many Choreography Contests prizes as the key role in Les Valises including Quality Street Finest and H Quality. On the screen, Nicolas danced in the Caesar Award nominated Les Indes Galantes by Multi-awarded director Clément Cogitore at the prestigious Opera de Paris, interpret Malo in the movie June & Malo, a musical short film by Chloé Maillard. He also appeared in various widely seen commercials for brands such as Kinder, Mc Donald’s or Center Park. Nicolas also realized more than a dozen dance documentaries across the world (Canada, Panama, Singapore, Denmark, Italy, Greenland, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, Austria, Cuba …) in his own web-series World Dance Sessions and sang in various albums for Gold Record Winner Sandrine Bougaieff.

Nicolas is the accomplished choreographer, teacher and Artistic Director of MUMOS. With his company, Nicolas had the opportunity to perform in Paris for the leading company Orange. In New York City, in performed in his own production like Not To Say in The Greenpoint Gallery, or Thanksgiving Art Live Stream which showcased the work of over a 100 artists from all around the world, Smooth Melancholy recorded in Lisbon, the acclaimed project HATS OFF, or Spoink the World alongside side more than 20 acclaimed international artists. Nicolas often travels and collaborate with artists and art structures across the globe including La Galeria Aguas Verdes in Costa Rica. Some of his choreography credits include a representation in the famous Parisian theater Le Bataclan and at the St-Eustache Church in the heart of the capital. In projects such as the musical June & Malo Nicolas presented a wide set of skills as he danced, acted, choreograph, and taught. In class, he is a passionate teacher and creates original format with a great pedagogy. He is a Hip Hop teacher  and a Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® Certified Teacher, recommended by Renée Robinson (performed at the White House Dinner). More recently, he has been commissioned by the AVA Gallery and Arts Center in New Hampshire to premiere his latest work BOUND (2021), with the generous support of the Clifford B. West Memorial Fund.



Then Nicolas created the company MUMOS on November 23th of 2015,

under the associative law of 1901.

MUMOS aim to bring together dancers, musicians, painters, actors and generally artists to create, stage, produce, play, represent, film and broadcast to the public artworks that link the arts and artists around the world. 

The roots of MUMOS are the gathering and the meeting. Born of the union of Music and Dance, it now extends its research to all the arts and makes them unite in various creations and projects in order to share.
The sharing of feelings, sensations, and colors through diverse cultures is the lung of the company, its way to breathe. MUMOS wishes, through this meeting of artists from different backgrounds, to exchange with the public who watch or listen to his creations.
MUMOS is therefore by birth, an "open" company. Due to meetings, she grows and develops by the desire to work together. We are not in a process of casting strictly speaking. We refuse to oblige artists to undertake a commitment that goes beyond the time of the " project " . It is an association that tries to make possible the universal, voluntary and unique expression by the way of Arts.
For the emerging artists
Originally created by artists entering the professional world, it is also a company offering young student artists - including those who would not be able to work (for reasons of training, commitment, etc. ) - the opportunity to create, learn, practice, share and exchange with other professionals, in other artistic forms, other ways that are more individual and personal than their training suggests.
The discovery of other cultures is one of the main values of MUMOS. Most of our creations are inspired by travels. The history, the landscapes we discover enrich our vision of the world and it is through our artistic discipline that we want to convey our impressions.


We are always looking for new horizons.

We are attracted by all means of artistic expressions and we move to new discoveries.

We travel for a psychological and artistic enrichment.

We strive to give an image of unity, to represent the artistic expression with a goal of sharing.

We try to do our best, but do not hesitate to create because we are determined to learn from our mistakes or imperfection.

The comments that make us evolve are the ones we read in your eyes ! 


Origins & Meaning 

The idea of MUMOS originated in the spring of 2015.

The Lycée Racine in Paris proposes each year to its students of Terminale in arranged-time to participate in the " Concert du Lycée " , in the spring. That year, around 20 selected groups participating, 3 students decided to unite to express themselves together on this scene,

Paul-Marie Kuzma, Noam Silvy and Nicolas Fiery.

On the evening of the performance, the trio brought new life - on the stage of the amphitheater of the CRR de Musique, Rue de Madrid in the 9th arrondissement of Paris - in order to make its audience travel : color, in an original and enterprising scene, music from another culture, and Dance.

It was Tastuya Katou's original Here With You cover. Nobody knew it yet, but MUMOS was born.

The name MUMOS was defined the summer that followed, and was thought to have several meanings. However, we don't write them all to let the spectators choose the meaning they want to give the company, their personal and unique interpretations.


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Organisations : Lycée Racine (Paris/ France) - CRR de Musique (Paris/ France) - CNSMDP (Paris/ France) - Barracuda (Paris/ France) - VenSông Lodge (My Tho/ Vietnam) - Arts En Mouvements (Vincennes/ France) - Le Garage (Bagnolet/ France) - A table (Saint-Ouen/ France) - HP Communication (Vincennes/ France) -


Peoples : Thu-To Thai (Vietnam) - Hélène de Tayrac Senik (France) - Nicolas Deletoille (France) - Matthew Rushing (USA) - Esteban Santamaría and his family (Panamá) - Jonathan Villabogos (Costa Rica)